Sunday, 21 September 2014

The lost weekend

Today I woke up at the normal time, walked the dogs, ate an omelet (first egg in at least 6 months) and then went back to bed and slept solidly for 6 hours. I suppose I needed it. I'm now a wreck - that weird fugue you get when you've been sleeping during the day and can't wake up. It's 6pm and I can't muster myself to do anything except eat a piece of cheese. I might watch one of those films with no plot but a high body count - just to get the blood flowing.

Watched a documentary earlier on iPlayer about fashion models from 1978 - looked like it was made 100 years ago, familiar and alien at the same time, I remember seeing it when I was 12 or 13 - it was fantastically new then - now it's a museum piece - as am I - I sometimes think.

It's much cooler today, a relief - I'm really glad I cleaned the house yesterday - couldn't have coped with any nonsense today. last night I had a meal with friends, about 40% of the evening was taken up talking about work matters - but managed to get that out of the way and had a great meal - and did something out of character for me - watched X Factor on their TV. I'm pretty sure I've never actually seen an episode before. It was staggeringly bad - nasty, manipulative, fake, cruel and frankly dishonest. Simon Cowell seems to have eyes like a flatfish - the contestants are deluded, self absorbed, desperate "I'm 37 - this is my last chance" and detached from reality. There wasn't a single shred of talent on show (including the panel) and it was nothing more than a cross between a public flogging and a witch trial. Apparently it's very popular. I also found it really boring.

Yesterdays random act of kindness/stupidity was giving a load of roofing lead to a friend and refusing payment.

I updated my iPhone, it crashed and needed to be restored - works fine now - with the exception of quite a few changes (and I hate change) but it's wiped all the stuff I had on there - including things I paid for, and I can't retrieve them. On the plus side - no trace of the U2 album I was never going to listen to.

My neighbours marriage defiantly seems back on track - amazing what having a new block paving driveway can do to peoples marital state. It's quite well done and makes the whole road look better.

Fascinated that the police have been asked to investigate Hillary Mantell for writing a short story about the fictional assassination of Margaret Thatcher - I'd have thought they would have had more success prosecuting everyone involved with the Iron lady - that was a far bigger character assassination. But seriously - police investigating fiction???? Doh.

That cheese has really perked me up.


Anna said...

I'm sick of talking myself into doing, for free, things that take time and skill. Last week, I persuaded a friend not to pay me anything for making piped canvas covers for her garden chairs. I insisted - why do we do these things?

Grey Area said...

That's a good question. Why do we do it? I think it's endemic in the creative industries to keep having to prove ourselves by offering too much, I'm looking at some budgeting for an important project at the moment and I've managed to edit myself out totally by putting in other people who need the money less than me. Helping someone out when they are in trouble is one thing - I like to think that they will one day py me back - although that's seldom the case, doing work for no money because it's a gateway to good exposure or the chance to do something that I'd not normally have access to is another - but I really cannot get past the habit of constantly offering my services for free to people - I'm a fucking idiot.

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