Friday, 19 September 2014

Friday Morning

Very bad nights sleep. I did stay up until midnight to watch the referendum - but to be honest, it was too boring. Woke up to a 'no' vote - best possible result for everyone - Scotland can demand legitimate change - but the Union survives intact. I like being part of Scotland, we need less borders - not more. Woman on the radio telling John Humphries that social justice is back on the table in UK politics in a way that cannot be ignored. Pleased about that.

I've been saying for years that history will be kinder to Gordon Brown than Tony Blair, and I love being right.

Have been having very bad dreams recently - including one particularly lurid episode when I found myself in Germany in the early 1940's - having been told I was going to be shot at dawn, I was then forced to go out for dinner with Hitler. He kept trying to cheer me up. It didn't work. Several of my worse dreams could have been art directed by The Chapmans. I have some really interesting news about the Chapman Brothers - but I'll have to keep it to myself for the time being. There will be a big Chapman Brothers show in Hastings in a couple of months - it's related to that. Wait and see.

Last night, quite late, after an excruciating email exchange wit a client / supplier who was clearly trying to blame me for their failures - I did what I never do, I stood my ground, not only did I point out that it wasn't my problem, and why - but I made sure there were plenty of cc's on the email. The correspondence ended abruptly. I'll probably be the one that comes of worse - but that's fine. Being freelance means that you work really hard, get none of the credit, all of the blame, and all of the grief. Getting bored with that now.

I left my bike at work last night. I'm going in for half a day today. Going to make an attempt at being focus and consider damage limitation.

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