Thursday, 18 September 2014

Thursday Night

Had a bit of a meltdown this evening. 

Very long, awkward day - for some reason it’s staggeringly hot again - really beautiful - there is a giant floating crane just off the beach that has been brought in to dismantle the wrecked part of the pier and it looked like it was floating on the heat haze over the sea. Los of running around today  - and the broadband was really playing up again at the studio - in the end I came home to use the fibre optic.

Last couple of weeks have been difficult enough - had a text conversation first thing with someone who has just lost their mother - they are devastated and it just dragged up a lot of bad memories from when it happened to me. I’ve been juggling a lot of stuff that I’m not getting paid for to help people out -  and it’s cost me paid work - which isn’t a problem, but I have to have a very, very difficult conversation with the inland revenue in the morning and I haven’t really got anything interesting to tell them. I’ve been working with someone for some time and done  lot of good work for them - but they have taken someone on in a different capacity who wants to use their own people and the politics of that all got too much, so they win. Been here before - I always lose.

Have no idea what’s going to happen overnight in Scotland - media says it’s too close to call but some polls are saying it’s actually 10% to the No vote, whatever happens - the damage is done. If it’s close - Cameron is fucked - if there is any swing to the No vote - he’ll claim he saved the country.

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