Tuesday, 10 June 2014


Went to work early - worked hard, including several hours preparing 400 individual pages for print - each one, on it's own - converted to CMYK, checked, bleed and trim marks added... mind numbingly dull - yet quite important at the same time.

There was a  middle aged woman in the CO-OP earlier with those surgically created pixie ears - they were awful - even plastic ones would have been less ugly - looked like she's done them herself with a pair of pliers, an ugly mess of scar tissue and lumpy cartilage. Didn't seem to be much circulation in there, either.

Very hot day up on the hill, but cool and windy on the seafront, another triumph for the Hastings micro climate. I'm supposed to be working on something tonight, but frankly - I'm knackered. I had to chase an invoice today - I have a very well written contract - with a strict 30 day payment period - which has now passed, the response 'hopefully next Friday' from a company that employs 30,000 people globally - didn't really go down well. It's a lot of money, and I need it. Quite a bit of work to finish, and a new client to meet next week - but there really isn't enough cash coming in.

I made a Risotto earlier - mushroom. There was so much salt in the stock cube I may have a stroke later. As a consequence - I've opened a can of beer. It's the only way.

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