Saturday, 14 June 2014


The end of last week was quite a marathon - loads of work completed, and I also managed to clean the studio windows - quite an achievement, 3 floors up. My hand steamer has a long hose attachment - it proved so popular that most of the people at work want to borrow it.

Loads of my work will be at the Las Vegas licensing Expo next week, quite a big deal - my client has lots of new products and there will be a lot of design work from myself on show - hopefully it all goes well. I've also finished artworking the exterior graphics for a big store in Portsmouth for one of the main chains - they have gone down a route that personally , I don't think works - but it's an experiment for them - and they need to try it out. Next week I actually have a couple of 'free' jobs - I'm developing the publicity material for a big charity auction in aid of the people who lost everything in last weeks big fire, and something for an academic institution that I'm doing as a challenge - it 's going to be 'interesting' - but I need stretching.

Yesterday I bought a couple of really great 1940's wooden chairs from a junk shop for £20, they need hardly any cleaning up - much better than anything I already have. I was another staggeringly hot day - in the evening I went to the degree show for the course I used to run but didn't get to see any of the work - too busy talking to people I hardly ever see - I don't socialise much now so it was a bit 'full on'. I have mild prosopagnosia - face blindness, if I don't see people regularly or meet them out of context - I don't always know who they are - it can be really awkward. I used to work with a girl who had very long, straight hair - I know her really well - and I also know a girl who has a greyhound and wears her hair tied up and wears glasses, I see her at weekends. I got to know her quite well because I'd bump into her on the dog walk - it was a year before I worked out that they were the same person, only after managing to really offend her - and I still can't quite reconcile the two in my head.

On the way home, the moon - bright orange - hung over the sea and lit the whole of the old town - I watched it from the top of the hill - it was lovely.

I'm off to see The Eels at the De La War Pavillion on Thursday - and next weekend I'm very involved with the ISDN professional awards judging - also at the De La Warr, there will be quite a few delegates staying in Hastings and I'll be chaperoning - some are staying in the hotel apartment above my studio.

Despite being Saturday - I managed to be up at 5am, bit of very welcome light rain. Have a day to myself and I'm planning on wandering into town to look at that degree show. Cleaning the house from a mountain of dog hair - and just general sorting my life out. After 4 'dry' weeks - Little Mouse managed to piss in the dining room 6 times on Thursday in the space of 3 hours. I have no idea what that was all about.

I watched this earlier in the week - it was fantastic. There is a trailer here. Brilliant combination of hyper realistic drama, abstract images and real footage - seamless pulled together. Very moving.

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Steerforth said...

I have that face blindness too - I didn't realise that there was a proper word for it. I can meet someome at a party and have an in-depth converstion with them, only to ignore them in town a couple of weeks later. Sometimes I notice that someone is staring at me, then looking pissed off. It takes about five seconds or more to think back and work out who they are, by which time they've walked off thinking how rude I am.

It's annoying, because it's no reflection of what I think of anyone and if they met me a year later, I'd still be able to remember what we talked about.

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