Sunday, 15 June 2014


An entire weekend without work - or putting myself under any pressure..

I spent 3 hours on Saturday, stripping and cleaning my bike. It's cleaner now than when I bought it. I even put a new chain on. The house is 'ok' so I didn't waste any time cleaning, just a general tidy-up.

On Saturday afternoon I had to have a quick meeting about the publicity material for the charity auction - which went well - and involved meeting new people, in a pub - which was great. Later in the evening I went to see a band - my friend Ben was in a fairly successful Art-punk band in the late 1970's called The Shapes and they usually have a gig once every year - it was good. Art-punk scene is quite odd and attracts some strange characters. One man was covered head to toe in neon paint splashes and another, who looked a lot like a retired history professor - turned up in motorcycle boots and a knitted white mini dress - which he quickly removed and began to dance naked - later to be joined by another naked old man for a game of pool at the back of the bar. Nobody said anything.  These was another local character who is always resplendent in short skirts and coloured tights - fussy, feminine accessories and pixie boots - who manages to get away with a very hefty beard and moustache and dances so aggressively I have long held the belief that he secretly wants to be beaten up. Afterwards, went to a friends house and watched the football - which none of us understood - still cannot understand how someone standing on their own at the touchline manages to break they ankle - and got a cab home. I think that's the second time I've been out this year. Early the evening the zip on my jacket broke and I had to spend the entire evening trapped inside - struggling out of it when I got home

Just been told that a restaurant in Hastings opened today - nearly two years after they started decorating it. That must be a record.

Reading today's papers. Tony Blair's self delusion knows no bounds.

As a follow on to my last post - I never really bother talking about personal stuff, but I do think it's probably better to try. I think Face blindness is more common than people think, and I certainly think it's related to dyslexia (This week I managed to humiliate myself by not being able to process why I couldn't even get the numbers '96' right). It's difficult to explain how disconcerting it feels when someone you know has changed their appearance in some way or is out of context and you can't process what it is or who they actauly are, and in a similar way - when words or glyphs just don't look right or 'work' on the page.

The seagulls have started getting aggressive again - small chicks all over the house roofs - walking the dog is like dicing with death. I'm probably going to have a carbohydrate rich dinner and watch a bad film later - not cripplingly busy next week - may chance the odd day off.


Anonymous said...

Which restaurant is that, Richard?

Richard de pesando MA(RCA) said...

the Owl and the Pussycat - Robertson street, I think the upstairs was finished last year - I don't know if they are using the big, open downstairs unit that's become available

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