Monday, 16 June 2014


Not a massively busy day - and as such - I came home after lunch and fell asleep. I think it's perfectly reasonable to save up all my fatigue for 'down time' - and frustrating when I use said 'down time' to just sleep and feel run down and bad tempered. The weather wasn't great - nearly rain and chill winds all day. I went to see a degree show - it wasn't very good, and the students were quite unprofessional. Big disappointment.

Currently trying to tell myself that drinking tea and watching a rubbish film is a good enough way to spend my evening. I did muster the strength to fold some shirts, it's at times like this that I wish I had a hobby. Like knitting, or Airfix kits.

I had a look at quite a few bits of student work online fro this years 'crop' - really derivative early90's retro style design. One of the students I saw today had blatantly copied a well know French illustrator, and I'm pretty sure the tutor who supervised the work wasn't well informed enough to pick up on it.

Had a quick look through the news sites and had to stop - everything is either unbelievable horror or mindless trivia. I don't really care how boring Phil Neville is -at least he isn't machine gunning bound and gagged men in a trench. The gruesome fat woman from a reality show who looks like a Francis bacon Diana Dors seems to get more column inches for eating a cake than a mass murder in Syria.

It's been confirmed online via my local councillor that there is going to be a Pizza Hut in the village - in direct line of sight of my house, but I'm not bothered because that building is pretty run down and at least it will be smartened up a bit. I also found out that the last local butcher is to close - lets bear in mind that in 7 years, I had no idea that there was a butcher tucked away on Winchelsea Road, really well hidden, you wouldn't know it was ever there - I found it by accident a few weeks ago when I was on the way to the Kennels. This may explain why it's closing. When I did eat meat - if I knew it was there, I'd probably have used it.

There are two baby seaguls on the roof of the house opposite - I've noticed this year that every roof has two, and sometimes three chicks - instead of the usual one. Is this a seagull baby boom? Is it related to the mild winter - or are they planning on taking over.

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