Monday, 2 June 2014


I spent today in Brighton, morning and afternoon split between different clients who both wanted my full attention - neither received it. I'm knackered. The work I did for the store group was deemed 'too sophisticated' and I have to dumb down tomorrow and go back on Wednesday.

The train home was no fun, to the front were some Hastings new age traveller type young people, dreadlocks and sandals etc, but - as with every alternative lifestyle person in Hastings - scratch the surface and you get something very middle class and faded trust fund. The young mother with the white rasta hair had a very bright and normal child, but was insisting on talking to a 4 year old like a grown adult, and kept encouraging her to think about the emotional needs of the whale and unicorn she had just drawn. Her friend had been to a job interview - apparently she had an 'astonishing' CV - and about 20 facial piercings. The conversation mostly revolved around going on holiday, having a private Spanish lessons and regular (vegan) dinner parties. Neither seemed to have any work or money issues. Behind me a woman from a property company was running her business over the phone, very loudly - she was really annoying.

There are new people in the studio, one is about 10 years older than me, which cheered me up - the others are about 22 years old, which is frightening. I just watched a live stream of the Apple WDC - the audience were all about 11 years old.

The weather in Hastings was cool and overcast - as usual, in Brighton, it was like the French Riviera


Anonymous said...

Richard, it was actually hot and sunny in Hastings today! sorry to spoil your narrative !

Richard de pesando MA(RCA) said...

yes, but I wasn't there to see it, I only have your word for it.

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