Tuesday, 3 June 2014


7pm, and I'm 'having a break'. Worked in the studio from 8am, on a particularly difficult, poorly paid, badly managed project that is totally out of control - trying to get ready for a presentation tomorrow morning, write the copy, source images, develop design work while the client keeps changing things, adding elements and changing the goal posts is... frustrating to say the least. I'm now exhausted, have a splitting headache and having an hour off before I spend the night working and leaving the house at 6.30am to morrow morning.

It was cold and wet this morning - and hot and sunny on the way home - and on both journeys I wore the wrong clothes. Feeling particularly run down. Just had an email from someone confirming a meeting tomorrow - actually - it was 2 weeks ago and they didn't turn up. I double checked, to make sure it wasn't me. Feeling spectacularly tired, run down and bad tempered. Someone just made a staggeringly patronising comment on facebook - they do it all the time, I have no idea if they even realise it - a few months ago they did ask if I was ever offended by their sarcasm and criticism - and like a feel, I said no and brushed it off. Actually - I am. Very.

The rest of this week is looking horrible, too much work to do - in too little time. I have a large invoice that's due tomorrow - my contract specifically states 'within 30 days' - I shall look forward to contacting them to ask for an explanation - it's bound to not turn up.

A good friend gave a lecture last week at the International Boring Conference, I really wanted to go - but I couldn't get the time - details of his lecture are here - it's his theory about the secret modernist agenda of Ladybird books.

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