Tuesday, 7 January 2014


Before I go any further - I really need to remember that my brother, sister and several cousins read this blog, before I get too carried away.

The phone company installed my superfast broadband yesterday, took all afternoon - I needed a new phone line and to be connected to a new exchange because the engineer wasn't satisfied that I had a good enough line. I can confirm that it's now much faster and smoother than ever before.The engineer was also really good, not what we tend to expect in the UK.

I picked up a half price slow cooker in the sales and when I get home tonight I'm expecting to open the door and be overcome by the aroma of a Mediterranean bean casserole. I'm bound to be disappointed.

Absolutely elated that I popped into Jones the Bootmaker and bought two fantastic pairs of shoes for £70, reduced from over £200, not that I could afford them - bought succumbed anyway - also picked this up, which I'll start reading tonight.

In the office for the first time this year - getting ready for a meeting on Thursday in Brighton. Easing myself back into the real world slowly. The pigeons that roost outside the windows are getting really feisty. Another night of high winds and storm damage. I could hear my neighbour outside with a hammer at about 8pm, banging and swearing, the wind woke me up at about 4am and I couldn't get back to sleep afterwards.

Delighted to report I've been blocked and blacklisted o Twitter by a number of well known journalists by pointing out that they might be a bit wrong about something. Very pleased with myself. People get paid to write for a living, they might as well do a bit of simple research before making stupid statements. Twitter brings out the idiot in people, even good, well trained journalists should possibly step away from the keyboard once in a while - the media won't collapse if you don't have a rabid opinion about EVERYTHING.

Hastings is very quiet, post Xmas. There wasn't even the usual crowd in the M&S food hall. Mostly old, pale walking corpses picking over the dry bones of the sales. Im leaving early today, going to walk home along the sea front and get some fresh air - I need to be awake and back up to speed by tomorrow morning, an early night becons!

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