Saturday, 4 January 2014


I went into town earlier, as if it were a normal Saturday. There was a short-lived break in the weather and I needed the exercise. There was an air of post Xmas confusion and distraction, very grim.

Not too many people about, possibly because the shops were full of rubbish. Nothing in the sales was worth buying - and it’s no wonder that Debenhams is reeling under a 10% drop of profits… who would buy this tatt? I did throw caution to the wind and bought a slow cooker from Robert Dyas at half price, I’ve wanted one for a while and this was a decent make. 

In Waterstones, all the ‘sale’ books were celebrity autobiographies (a massive pile of Jennifer Saunders books), except a lonely pile of books by Philip Pullman, all signed by the author, at half price. I went to Morrissons to buy dog bones and curly kale - they had a large box where people could re-cycle their Xmas cards, it was full to the brim - and an old woman was riffling through, reading the inscriptions - a scene repeated exactly in M&S. Is it just me, or does M&S have the worst stock on the high street? I had a look to see what shoes were on sale, nothing I’d wear, and made my way home just before a squal started up again.

Very large rockfalls on the cliffs yesterday, we made the ITV news. Several of my neighbours have lost large shrubs and trees that have just not been able to grip the sodden ground any more.

I bought a celeriac. I’m not sure why - I have a very poor track record with the thing.

Tomorrow I have to get ready for a visit on monday by the man fitting fibre optic broadband - I have no idea what he’s planning but I loathe having people in the house. Due at any time on Monday.

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