Friday, 10 January 2014


Easing myself back into the working week wasn't so bad after all - I'm celebrating by having a half day today.

I worked in Brighton yesterday, the hipster hell-mouth wasn't so bad this time - but on the train coming home I had to sit opposite an estate agent who spent the full hour talking to his staff on the phone, trying to motivate them for the 'new, digital age' - he also explained to them that he had designed a new website - by spending his Xmas looking at all the competition, cherry picking all the best features from their sites, putting them all together and creating something 'totally original'.

Our main post office is to close in March - I knew it would, there has been a long 'consultation' period - which was a total sham. The services are going to be taken into WHSmiths - the worst store in Hastings. It's a disaster for everyone in town, I don't know a single person who supports this move. It will have a very detrimental effect on the part of town where my studio is situated, effectively closing it down. I have written a very angry letter to the papers.

I'm going to be fiendishly busy next week - so I'm just planning the week out carefully. I may do more work at home now that I have superfast broadband, which is working really well - I'm delighted with it.

We don't yet know if the sandblasters will be back outside the studio, I'm dreading it - after the quiet over Xmas I doubt I'll be able to cope with all that again.

Picked up a load of cheap white T Shirts in Primark yesterday, the ones I'm wearing are well past their prime - I know there are huge ethical issues over buying a £2.50 T Shirt - but frankly, needs must - and for some reason they last a lot longer than a better quality branded garment.

Work on the little Tesco development by my house is coming along very well - I can't wait.

The weather is due to get cold after today - there was a bit of frost on the rooftops this morning - I don't mind the cold so much - it's the rain I'm sick of, caught in it again today. The house smells very damp after the last 3 weeks of constant deluge. I need to do some work in the garden and fix all the fences, pointless when it's like a swamp.

10.30am... and I'm already thinking about lunch.

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