Tuesday, 3 December 2013


We had our studio Xmas lunch today, it was the first time I’d eaten meat in months. Romney Marsh lamb, it was such a big shank that I couldn’t finish it. As a result, I’ve spent all afternoon at the point of falling asleep and am about to go to bed at 8pm. I spoke to one of the people that manages the place - I know her well, she said the chef was very good - but had just come out of prison and hadn’t quite got the adjustment to a new style of social skills yet.

Another couple of days of full on work - I NEED to finish this job by the end of the week so I can invoice, or there will be no xmas for me. I’m starting to get behind on things and need to catch up tomorrow. 

The big project I did for the store group went well, I ‘think’ - I’m never sure about these things. 

We’re about to head into a cold snap, I’m dreading it.

Just matched up all the socks that I washed yesterday - for the first time ever - I managed to match each and every sock, no spares. Quite an achievement.

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