Sunday, 1 December 2013

Sunday Morning

Up at 6am, I'm working today - just waiting for it to get light enough to dog-walk.

Managed to fix the plumbing in the kitchen yesterday - did a reasonably good job, and to my relief - I had all the plastic fittings and pipes I needed so I wasn't forced to go to B&Q and spend any money. Did a load of washing, took the armchair out of the front room before the dogs do any more damage to it and generally cleaned up everywhere. Made a long list of things I need to do when I have more spare cash - which isn't now.

Two stories in the papers yesterday caught my eye - this one makes me wonder what kind of country we live in, and this one answers it for me. I've mentioned Trenton Oldfield before - he's living in my old flat in London, they refer to it as a 'council block' - which it isn't - I have tried to correct that but they won't update - hence many of the comments are along the lines of 'why does he have a council flat'. I'm sure that the Home Secretary likes to tell people that 'sometimes she has to make tough decisions' - when really she just makes bad ones. I'm genuinely shocked at how racist many of the moderated comments are on the Oldfield story. This is today's latest comment:

err his 'British ' wife. Deepa Naik? British I don't think so and if he loves her take her back to her own country or home with him. Not our problem

Yesterday, I successfully managed to avoid a whole raft of Xmas orientated events in Hastings and St Leonards - but I fear I may be forced to start suffering the annual onslaught - I'm due at an Xmas lunch on Wednesday - but I have a very strong feeling I'll be working instead... and that's a fact, not an excuse. I have a feeling that every house in my area will be spending the day putting up their decorations while I spend the day at a computer trying to develop a campaign to convince supermarket customers that their shop really, really likes them.

I had an email from one of the trendy online vendors that I absent mindedly subscribed to once, "Great news!!! stocking fillers from just £250!!"

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