Sunday, 8 December 2013

Sunday Morning

Up early, not cold, dogs walked etc.

I went out last night - to a party in a pub, it was Ok - first time I've done something like that in ages. Not overwhelmed, ended up spending £20, but I got a lift home - that made it more acceptable.

Shaved my beard off, still wounded by the 'you look thin and ill' comment yesterday. I'm going to try and put some weight back on, after all that effort to lose it.

Spent Saturday in the pointless attempt to make the furniture in my house fit better - the misery of coming from a large house to a small house continues. Everything is about an inch too big. It's all square pegs and round holes. In my spare room I've piled up a selection of items that I really like but have nowhere to put them, and I'm loathe to let them go.

I shall make an attempt later to fix the lights in the kitchen and the leak at the back of the washing machine. I did consider going into work today but I've decided against it - I'm going to stay home and try and think of ways to improve my meagre quality of life. The fridge has done that thing again where it suddenly turns into a freezer.

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