Monday, 9 December 2013

Monday morning

Really didn't want to get up this morning, had the feeling that 2013 is already past it's sell by date and I just want it to die with some dignity.

Had a very long telephone conversation with someone embroiled in a legal tussle with an old client - found myself babbling away as a torrent of long forgotten anecdotes and past injuries came tumbling out. Perhaps I need therapy. I'm really not sure how I feel about the whole thing - I'm potentially stuck in the middle of a huge court case and probably could find myself getting attacked by both sides. No matter what happens, I'll get nothing out of it.

Working today on a project that should have ended 2 weeks ago but keeps churning on - I REALLY need to complete so I can invoice, or I'll be in real trouble. I have a couple of small and very late invoices that are due at the moment - hanging on as long as I can.

Rather than come into work yesterday, I decided to continue cleaning up at home - scratched the surface but made some progress, still struggling to find a combination of furniture positions that actually work for me - not there yet.

For some reason, my local area seems to be going overboard on Christmas already, with lighting and decoration creeping onto roofs, gardens and even garden sheds - I think people are desperately trying to cheer themselves up. There have also been quite a lot of house moves around by me - people trying to 'get in' for Xmas. I'm dreading it this year, live I've never dreaded it before - I have nothing whatsoever planed, am facing the year as broke as usual, tired, pissed off, feeling old and facing up the reality of getting dumped and expecting to be permanently single - an apparently I look 'tired and ill'. I shaved my beard off on Saturday - it does not seem to have made me feel any better.

Just had a letter from the power people apologising again for the mess they made of my account, that's the 4th time they have apologised for nor being able to deal with my complain, which simply needed an apology. madness.

The generator outside the office window just booted up again. I didn't need that. I hate wearing headphones with glasses.

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