Friday, 29 November 2013


It's nearly 7pm, I'm still at work - waiting for a very large file to upload the internet seems to have gone home for the weekend - or half the country is pissing away money online because it's 'Black Friday'.

I was in Brighton yesterday, important meeting early in the day and another in the late afternoon with a new client - big piece of work that needs finishing by Monday night / Tuesday morning.

We had a power cut earlier - big chunk of hastings just 'turned off' - when the power came back on, the first thing to start working was the big generator they are using to sandblast next door.

On the train home last night, there was a bloke aged about 25 and a girl of similar age who had obviously spent the day at a networking event. I could tell from their conversation ( they were really keen that the whole carriage was able to listen in) that they were not actually 'working' as such, since they finished whatever media degree they had recently completed, but were very sniffy about the professionals who had spent the day trying to help them. One thing that stood out was their concept for a new business.

"we could pool our resources and build a kick-ass marketing consutancy - between us we have all the core skills, the only thing we have never had to do is actually go out and find some work. We should target photographers, they are only ever as good as the marketing team behind them"

I recounted this to a photographer at work today. Surprised he didn't punch me. The bloke also explained his frustration that when he's been working as a freelance copywriter, he's been forced to adopt the tone of voice of his client - and it does not suit him - he was also happy to explain that although he is fine with words, as such - he never really learned about punctuation at school - so he avoids it whenever possible.

In Waterstone's - my mate John's book was on prominent display at the front of store - I'm plugging this because it's a fantastic book, has had brilliant reviews and is the perfect book about architecture for anyone who didn't realise they were interested in the subject - and also because I get mentioned in the 'thanks' and there are quite a few of my photographs in it - including the one of the author on the inside cover - you can buy it here  - (go on, you know you want to.. I want you to) or you could just get it cheaper on Amazon if you prefer.

I'm at home tomorrow and really looking forward to fixing the plumbing in the kitchen - I suppose I could go out and join the rest of the human race - but I think I'll pass.

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