Saturday, 21 December 2013

Shortest day

It may never even start - it's still almost dark at 8.40am. Weather is horrible - very short dog walk.

Went for Xmas drinks last night with clients - really enjoyed it - although every single pub and bar in Hastings was rammed to the doors with meatheads and tarty girls who were already quite pissed and rowdy - there was an air of menace, and it was very loud - after a month of the sandblaster - I'd had enough. My ears are as buggered as my eyes - but I can at least boast years of gigs as an excuse.

I finished all my work, I'm going in on Monday for half a day to clean a few things up - but ready for a few days off. Got carried away and bought lots of new socks, plain grey... and a pair of jeans. Giddy with the excitement.

One of my main clients has a new website - and there is actually quite a lot of my work on there, it's here - you have to guess the bits that I did. Part of my plan for next year is self promotion - there is also quite a bit of me on here too. I really need to capitalise on that.

Highly amused by the end of the Nigella trial - I know it's not her who was on trial, but it was, really...

Mostly, today, I shall be washing and cleaning. Last night one of the buttons came off my William Hunt Coat - I'm furious - I'll have to see if I can find the spare and replace it.

I really need a break this year, it's been a bit of a shit year and I'm glad it's over, I'm not going to start thinking about next year yet - I need a couple of days to get over the last one.

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