Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Xmas eve and all that crap

Spent the day repairing the fences between myself and the old woman next door - smashed to pieces by last nights storm. The parapet off the kitchen roof also fell down, but apart from that - only real damage is a sleepless night. Never known weather like it. I had to be escorted around the garden centre by a B&Q staffer 'for my own safety' - have paid a few quid for open trellis panels and replaced the missing fences, will need to do a more permanent job later in the week. The old woman next door grumbled a lot and watched me from a window as I laboured in the pissing down rain. The garden was totally waterlogged and difficult to move about in - That just made it worse.

I'm about to spend a couple of days on lock down, have just realised how tired I am and quite glad to see the back of the year, last minute mercy dash to the supermarket for dog food and the doors locked and the lights low. I am probably working on the 27th (not complaining about that).

Have managed to piss off a lot of people by making a stand about the tossers who think a little bit of cocaine every now and then is 'ok'. Pleased with myself.

Watched two almost identical films last night. Absurd big budget action capers about attacks on the White house. Both were racist, xenophobic, violent, misogynistic and crude. Quite enjoyed them both. I have to be fair, Jamie Foxx can't act. He was shite.

I might pop up over the next few days if I'm not in bed with the flu - I usually get it at this time of the year.

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