Sunday, 10 November 2013


It rained all day yesterday, the sky was black, it was very cold, we had regular intervals of hail and it was horrible. Today is clear but very cold - however, I'm determined not to attempt any form of heating until Xmas so I've started acclimatising. It's manageable.

I was supposed to go out last night to a joint Birthday Party - but I demurred in the end - I had that thing I get sometimes where I lose my balance, from when I had an ear infection a few years ago - it didn't last long but it put me off. I ended up at home, watching a succession of Hammer Horror films, repairing dog-damaged upholstery in poor lighting and without my glasses on.

There was a big, front page article in my local paper this week about a homeless man, roughly the same age as me, who was beaten to death last year by two men, on the orders of another woman, in return for a sex. It was the most depressing thing I've read in years - The victim had an alcohol problem but had worked hard to get off the streets and been able to save up enough money to get a flat. There was a photograph of him aged about 18, he looked like me. There are more homeless men in Hastings than I've seen for some time. All of them roughly my age. They say that most of us are only 3 months away from homelessness if we lose our jobs, I think it may be less.

There was a really interesting and challenging article in the Guardian yesterday, you have to read it more than once to understand what, why, and how the author is trying to explain his point - sadly, 80% of the many, many people who commented missed the point entirely and have either been abusive, stupid or just plain ignorant. There is a comment from me at roughly 6pm on Saturday if you want to look for it - and the comment that follows kinda makes that point.

Remembrance Sunday - which means they need to block the road opposite my house because the church doors now lead straight onto the street and there is no space for the band or choir at the War Memorial.

There has been a large firework display every night for about 2 weeks in my area - the dogs are actually starting to get used to it. As it's now cooler - you would assume that the dogs would shed less hair. It's the opposite - the house is swathed in a layer of fur - constantly trying to keep on top f it seems to be a pointless task.

I'm clearing the loft today - not a job I'm looking forward to - it's difficult to move about up there and awkward getting up and down. I my also have a sudden rush of enthusiasm and finally get round to putting up a light in the hall. It probably wont take that long, but the thought of pulling up all the bedroom floorboards and pissing about with the electrics when I'm not in the mood is putting me off.

This is everything you need to know about Hastings. Some of these people are not in fancy dress. I like the one carrying a can of beer.

Apologies for nor spell checking my last post and other errors, I leave my glasses at work over the weekend. It was gibberish


Steerforth said...

I watched the video. The dull-eyed look came very naturally to many of them. The Goth girl just looked as if she was suffering from heavy flow.

Mark Rochester said...

I read your comment on the guardian webpage, and was somewhat taken aback by how many of your friends female partners seem to be extremely conservative/insecure/stupid/repellent. How unfair that you have felt that you should internalise what deserves your contempt. Luckily most of my best friends are female and more understanding, as their male partners seem to be. Perhaps some of them need trading in for kinder models.

Grey Area said...

S, yes - Romero was very clear that his vision of walking dead were a reflection of the society around him - a theme extended in Sean of the Dead. Hastings loves dressing up - any excuse to get the facepaint out and drink beer.

Mark - to be honest, I don't think they are even conscious of what they are doing - and their other halves are totally oblivious. I'm fairly philisophical about it. I have no intention of changing.

mark rochester said...

I apologise if my response seems inappropriately excitable.

Richard de pesando MA(RCA) said...

Hey, don't worry about it, I find it almost impossible to get excited about anything these days - and it was a VERY affecting article. I found some of the comments staggering in their 'nice but dim', well meaning casual racism, the woman who kept banging on about wanting to be a 'West African Drummer... innate sense of ridim" etc made me incandescent with rage - I gave her the benefit of the doubt for a while - in case she was being ironic... but no....

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