Saturday, 9 November 2013


Up early, I can probably think of about 200 things I need to do today, none of them inspire me.

Bit of an odd day yesterday - but I did manage to get a lot of work done during a 2 hour period when I was listening the original cast recording of 'Pravda'. It's about 25 years since I saw this at the theatre, ten - Bill Nighy was 'William' and Anthony Hopkins was at the absolute height of his 'powers' (I hate that phrase but couldn't think of a better one). I like it then, but now - it's a thousand times more relevant and modern - it seems almost like they were predicting the future.

Have been told that the local HMV are planning to open a cafe and media lounge on their first floor (which never opened - all the units in our local shopping centre are double story - none of them ever used them). This is a good thing. All the shops are on full Xmas mode now - depressing, the stock is generally rubbish.

I managed to pick up a new phone cover to replace the one I didn't want that came in the post, the bloke in the shop was very friendly, wasn't at all put off by his electronic tag.

Really liking the new re-design of the Independent newspaper, there has been some criticism of of some of the smaller font and copy - that's reasonable - I struggle myself without glasses, but a lovely, elegant piece of work.

I overheard someone say yesterday (after the guilty verdict in the Soldier 'execution' case) that there is a "thin line between war and murder" - well, no - it's about a mile wide.

I fancied fish and chips last night - rather than the chip shop - which was packed and it was pissing down, I bought oven chips and something that looked a lot like battered fish. On closer inspection - it was 'white fish fillets' - at no point did they describe what the actual fish was, it could have been anything. It wasn't very nice - I had to drown it in tatare sauce to make it edible.

Managed to get caught in the rain and soaked twice yesterday, bloody cold.

I had to tackle the problem of having about 25-30 different online accounts, memberships and resources that require logins, and come up with a more rational system of remembering them and wheedling out conflicts. There are so many that demand you re-set your password if you make a single error - that it's all become rather messy and frustrating. It's also important not to be too obvious or literal. After some thought - seemed to have managed it, I also discovered that I have an American Express account with a balance of 36p that has been dormant since 2007. Trying to sort that out isn't much fun. The biggest problem is my iphone - I have an 'old' apple account from years ago - and the one I use now that syncs all mu work computers, software licences and storage accounts - and my new music library, however, this new phone insists on defecting back to the old account randomly - so I never really know which 'phone' personality I get when I turn it on... it has a split personality - Schizophrenic mobile device. I think I have to delete my old account and restore my phone from scratch - but this will delete my music, films, books etc that are on my old account - you can't transfer them because you never 'own' tis stuff, you only 'licence' it. You can have multiple accounts on your computer - but not your phone.  I know this is boring for you, but it's using up a lot of my mental processing power.

There is a Herring Fair in Hastings today, we used to have them in Brighton too - with a church service on the beach to bless the nets and then a herring and bread feast.

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