Sunday, 10 November 2013

Another fine mess.

There are two small ceiling lights in my kitchen. Like everything else in my house, they are rubbish. The eco bulbs give of hardly any light and the fittings are cheap plastic. In a rash moment I decided to replace them with better quality fittings and brighter, white light LED bulbs. What could possibly go wrong.

The first one was OK, replaced it - checked it, switch and light working fine. The other one...not so. The cables were old and too bulky to fit into the new housing, the earth was an integral fitting so I had to try and thread all the other cables into a tiny space through a keyhole, and there were a number of rogue, live, mystery cables 'daisy chained' on inside the roofspace. It was a fucking farce. I've given up - I only have one working light - the only sensible thing is to strip it all out and replace it all - potentially taking the ceiling down. I now have very poor lighting in the kitchen and a bundle of live cables tied back and made safe. A farce. It took hours and wasted my day.

Nothing has gone the way it is supposed to, the house is very cold and the washing won't dry. I bumped into a woman with 4 greyhounds while I was walking the dogs. She gave me a sad, knowing look. I'm going to have to buy a winter weight duvet tomorrow. I'd like one of the mattress protectors I had the joy of sleeping on in a hotel I was in earlier this year - about 2 inches thick - but they are quite expensive. Mind you - as Xmas is cancelled in this house....

Someone has moved into one of the larger houses behind me and seems to be determined to light it with hundreds of white fairy lights. Quite like it - their neighbour opposite is doing the same with pink and blue lights.

I might take tomorrow morning off. In fact. I might just go out and buy a bottle of wine and have a sulk.

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