Saturday, 19 October 2013

Saturday Evening

Its bonfire night here, but I have decided to spend tonight at home - probably the only person in Hastings to do so. I think it's going to rain, and fireworks, loud noise, giant crowds, alcohol, and the almost inevitable drama is putting me off. Going to watch a film instead.

I went out last night and had too much to drink, I don't do it very often, so I don't feel so bad about it - in fact - it's probably about the 3rd time in a year. I wasn't even that drunk. I enjoyed catching up with the people I used to share a studio with and it was a friends birthday. The pub was host to a local heavy metal band - they were very loud, and at one point the noise dislodged the wax in my ear - making it even louder. They are quite a successful band, but I regularly see them in their 'office' clothes - one of them always buys his lunch in M&S at the same time as me.

I'm at home tomorrow ( expecting rubbish weather) and back in the office early on Monday - I managed to pick up some 1960's library cabinets - glass fronted - they are being delivered to the studio on Monday Morning, practically the same price as the IKEA cabinets I'd been planning to buy - but certainly something I'd want to keep. Very pleased with myself.

About to look through my DVD collection in an attempt to keep myself occupied while the dogs cower from the sound of fireworks outside, we have a 'normal' bonfire night on the 5th too - a double dose of chaos.

This is the best review of an art event I have read in years. Enjoy.

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