Friday, 18 October 2013


Went to work until 3pm, as it's friday - decided to treat myself to an early finish. As nobody actually noticed I had taken yesterday off - I thought it was OK.

Nearly knocked flying by a fleeing shoplifter this afternoon, he was laughing as he ran - the two security guards had no chance - one was in such poor physical shape I was frightened he might hurt himself, and the other appeared to have severe scholiosis.

Eaten half of a casserole and preparing myself mentally for a night out - friends birthday tonight in a local-ish pub. Am already in two minds.

The Daily Mail ran a big story about Eastbourne being the town with an average age of over 70, it isn't - they had actually only picked one small area where all the old people live - it was liberally illustrated with photographs of Worthing.

It's bonfire night in Hastings tomorrow - there is already a giant bonfire on the beach, mostly made from hundreds of wooden pallets. Usually, it's quite cold by now - but actually it's still pretty warm, although we had a pea souper this morning.

Somehow, yesterday - one of the scaffolders next door from work managed to electrocute himself, apparently the police cordoned the whole area off. Typical of me to take the day off.

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