Monday, 21 October 2013


In work early, waiting for my shelves to be delivered. This dealer has a history of being late - sometimes days at a time. After that - i have quite a bit of work to do.

Very dull weekend, the house has started to smell very damp again - and despite a thorough clean over the weekend - it also smells strongly of dog. We had plenty rain yesterday, and a lot of strong wind - I also noticed through the bathroom window that a big part of the parapet on the kitchen roof has fallen down - that will cost me a few quid...  Not well off until I get paid by someone - I have quite a large invoice out at the moment - but it can't come too soon.

I spent far too much time yesterday trying to figure out how to improve the layout of my bedroom - and came to the conclusion that there was no 'right' way to to it - everything is a compromise. Story of my life.

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