Tuesday, 22 October 2013


Up at 4am dealing with dog grief again - have not slept through the night in weeks, am really getting worn out with this now - seriously considering making overtures to whippet rescue and re-homing, she's actually starting to notice that I'm getting angry with her now. She just can't help herself, her instinct is to bully the other dog into being submissive, regardless.

There is a distinct smell of damp upstairs - combination of wood and brick. Clearly there are problems with the roof. It's the exact same smell I had in the old house in Brighton, which ended up with me having to borrow a lot of money and have the roof replaced. I'm still having to walk to work every day because I've not been able to get the bike fixed and I'm very short of cash, a large invoice is still floating about there waiting for a client to confirm the amount - and then I'll have to wait for it to be paid. Yesterday - I managed to meet a deadline for stage 1 of a difficult piece of work - which was welcomed with 'that was quick - wasn't expecting it so soon'.

I've put the new shelving cabinets into the studio - they look great - most of my books and mags are too big for them- but I don't mind that - I'm going to have a cull of periodicals anyway. We may be moving some of the room about about in the studio - it will mean a bit more room for everyone.

It's really warm for this time of hear - in fact this house is clammy, as the older dog is starting to get smelly - it's quite depressing at home. It's now dark in the evenings - which puts me off doing anything - back to grumbling about how little light I get from eco bulbs.

Right now, my only real entertainment comes from reading Alain de Botton's increasingly purile, childish and absurd twitter feed ( he MUST be on anti depressants ) and the unintentional comedy of the 9/11 'truth' movement. Watching home made videos of people trying to convince me that the whole event was photoshopped is strangely reassuring. I think that what these people have difficulty accepting is not that their government planned the whole thing as some form of weird illuminati global conspiracy - but just how crap they were at dealing with the whole thing, if it was faked - I expect they would have done a better job.

The radio at these time of the day is always shite.

The headline of today's Daily Telegraph is 'Nuclear Power will reduce the blight of wind farms'. Massive logic fail from an increasingly stupid paper - the photograph next to it covers almost the entire front of the broadsheet - it's the impossibly thin, impossibly young, impossibly pretty contestant from a cookery show. Doe eyes and neatly style hair - apparently she's not going to win, but is better looking than the other contestants so she deserves more exposure.

The presenters on the BBC world service are idiots.

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