Sunday, 29 September 2013


Quite cool, proper leaf fall for the first time this autumn, lots of cold wind last night helping it along. Decided to go to bed very early last night - and found it really difficult to wake up this morning.

I'm supposed to be going for Sunday Lunch later today - that's quite bold for me - I can't remember if I'm supposed to take wine to an occasion like that? Knowing the host - I think the answer is yes.

My local paper is now running a video blog by my MP, she spent nearly 10 mins explaining to us that 'everything is very difficult' - 'everything will take a very long time' and  that she's working hard to do nothing much, but there was a clip of her having some coffee with the kind of aged, withered tory grande dames that put her in her seat in the first place. They were having a conversation about the bedroom tax, which none of the people at the table understood - but were frightened it effect their property prices. They were quickly reassured that it might have the opposite effect.

If you get the chance - Distant Voices, Still Lives is available on iPlayer for a week from today, it's an exceptional film and worth 2 hours of your life.

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Janis Goodman said...

Re video blog I happen to know what was cut out - one of those apparent Tory grandees (not) was my mother who went specifically as a Samaritan to argue for the need for a night shelter for the homeless - obviously all cut out of the blog which no-one knew was happening ahead of time. So yes they were incorporated into the MP's propaganda but that was certainly not my mother's aim, nor I think the intention of anyone else who was there. Do feel you need to check both misogyny and ageism. My mother reads your column and usually enjoys it but was startled to be so misrepresented and I'm also a little unsure whether being menopausal (previous blog entry ) should be used as shorthand for batty and unreasonable. I am often batty and unreasonable but do not believe that this is caused by my fertility status !

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