Monday, 30 September 2013


Went for lunch yesterday, enjoyed it - have not eaten pork for about 6 or 7 years, it tasted the same.

There are a lot of new people starting in the studio today, I'm in early - should be interesting. The work I did last week was well received, just waiting to see what today will bring.

I have never seen a single episode of 'Breaking bad' - and now that it's over, I clearly never shall. I'll mark that one up with 'The Wire, Homeland and all the other 'big' television events that have passed me by. To be honest, crystal meth is hardly something that enters my sphere of experience - so I hardly think I'm missing anything.

Yesterday morning, the Telegraph journalist Mic Write made the mistake of telling the world via twitter that he was off to the pub ( his local, in Kilburn) and if anyone wanted to join him - they should feel free. He'd an interesting journalist - supposed to be a technology and science journo but he writes on most things and is becoming increasingly popular, and confident - too confident. Lots of people get wound up by him. I had a really bad feeling that announcing where you were going to spend the afternoon when you are a bit contentious on Twitter is generally a bad idea. Sure enough - by the time I got home he was tweeting about being smacked in the mouth.

Been horrified by the character assassination of Ed Milliband's father The Daily Mail. Really grubby, shitty journalism from a grubby, shitty paper.

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