Saturday, 14 September 2013

Saturday PM

The downstairs of the house is clean, the upstairs is tidy - that's not bad for me. A friend was clearing through the battered remains of her vegetable garden and gave me three freakishly large courgettes, and I accidentally soaked enough chick peas to sink the Bismark. Tomorrow will be interesting.

I watched about 70% of The Ipcress File - it's a great film and beautifully shot and framed, but I always get to the same part and lose interest - still have no idea what happens at the end.

The super new Aldi in Ore Village has been given the green light, this means that in 12 months time my house price will be back to where it was when I bought the place 6 years ago - and I'll be able to halve my groceries bill. There is a little video on my local newspapers website, they ask people their opinions, they manage to make Ore village look horrible, grim, dirty and depessing - and seemed to mave magnified the sound of the traffic to an absurd level. The first person they interview is the bloke who lives up my road in a huge, white, modernist house - beautifully restored and one of the most impressive buildings on this part of the coast - I've never seen him speak before - he always looks so miserable. The next woman is so thick she deserves a special place in medical science - she personally 'doesen't like Aldi and would prefer it to be a Tesco" - oblivious to the fact that the building behind her is being converted into..... a Tesco. The last bloke is a local busybody bore who talks shite. They must have arranged for him to be there 'by accident'. They all mention how hard it will be where B&Q is gone and there is nowhere to go for DIY. Again, I'm confused - as they are all facing the camera, and behind the camera is Winchesters, a large, friendly, traditional style DIY shop...

Had a very large mushroom risotto for dinner, am already regretting it. Might have to go to bed early.


Steerforth said...

And he's called Brian. There's a surprise.

As for the woman, I noticed that when she opened her eyes or mouth, there was nothing but darkness inside, which was a little sinister.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed that hugely, cheered up my morning, Natalie

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