Saturday, 14 September 2013


Cold and wet, early Autumn. Walking the dogs I managed to grab a couple of 60cms square marble tiles from a skip - make excellent chopping boards and tops for kitchen appliances.

Worked hard yesterday, but a frustrating day.afterwards I had a quiet pint ( despite not being able to afford it ) with a workmate and a good gripe, during the evening a very nice middle class couple I know vaguely arrived - babysitter installed, to have some Friday night fun. They had already managed a bottle of wine, half an E each and some MDNA. She was enjoying dancing on her own to a heavy metal band and he was trying to explain why it was "The best E I've had since that car park in North London back in the early '90s when E's were still good". I nodded and pretended to understand what he was talking about.

I couldn't be bothered cooking when I got home so I had cheese and biscuits. As a result, I had a phenomenally strange dream that started with me breaking my glasses ( a regular dream that has replaced the one where all my teeth fall out ) and ended up with me going to a birthday party in Bishop Auckland that ended in a riot and had something to do with the Russian Mafia and a man with a beard and no neck. I probably would have had a less troubling night if I'd joined in with the MDNA.

Hastings seafood festival today, it wouldn't be so bad if the weather was the only problem ( last year it was scorching ) but for some reason, the local authority have decided to make it a pay event - which will just ruin it - I'm not bothering.

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