Monday, 16 September 2013


After last nights storms - it's a bright and sunny morning - a bit crisp - but otherwise lovely and autumnal.

Already in the office early - preparing myself for a day of not very interesting or attractive things, mostly involving money. More new people move into the studio this week - a full house soon, really pleased about that. Working in-house tomorrow.

Had a very quiet weekend at home, needed it - managed to do a lot of cleaning, washing and clearing out - my spare room is now mostly empty - I'm going to start a bit of an 'inbetween' decorating plan this week - just make it good enough to use as a spare room and look nice - every time I go in there I change my mind about moving the bathroom back in there - torn between what is best for me - and what is best for selling the house.  Mostly I think I'm trying to keep myself busy so I don't end up dwelling on things too much. Going to have a think today about changing my terms at work - extending from 30 to 90 days, the sad truth is - it will probably encourage more people to book me - everyone being in the same boat. September is a nightmare for cashflow - I'm going to have a look at a credit card today - just as an emergency measure. I can live on very little - as long as I don't have to fork out for travelling, unexpected bills, costs ( this month - electricity, telephone and house and contents ) or something that come out of the blue - like work on the house, dentists and computer costs. I really don't know how half of this country makes ends meet - no wonder there are so many pay-day lenders in this town.

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