Monday, 23 September 2013


Phenomenally tired, out of sorts and washed out. Worked at one consultancy for the morning and in my own studio in the afternoon. At lunchtime, myself and John, the photographer I share my part of the studio with - went to the 'random' Thai takeaway - it's called random because you have no real control over what they give you - it's always too hot and spicy and as none of them speak English, you are totally in their power - if they don't like the look of you - all the skin will burn from your mouth within moments of the first mouthful. I had green Thai Chicken, I didn't enjoy it. Despite all that - this place is remarkably popular and there is always a queue. I think that the good people of Hastings just enjoy dicing with death. John had something that takes several years to acclimatise to. He enjoyed it.

We are having what is apparently called an 'Indian Summer', lovely sunny weather - the beach was full this evening. I decided to cycle up the hill via a different route tonight, it was a mistake - might as well have tried to fly. Ended up pushing the bike up a very steep hill.

Think I might watch Citizen Kane later, need cheering up. Today was remarkable - first day in a week that small dog hasn't pissed on the dining room floor.

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