Thursday, 8 August 2013


Working for myself today - which - as a freelancer, means back to a zero hours contract.

I have to go into the studio early, do a lot of digital housekeeping and pay some bills. No matter how hard I work - I never have any money. Very over drawn, have to pay my council tax today, still not paid my huge electricity bill and later this mont it's all about insurances and dental work. Everything costs too much. Need to make a trip to the pound shop to buy toothpaste - found myself looking at the washing up liquid in the COOP yesterday, wondering if I really needed it.

Finished work last night and went to the Pram Race - part of Hastings week. We have another week of drink and costume fueled excess. Have no idea where the pram race came from - crowds line the streets while themed mini-floats ( once they were prams - now they are huge constructions) pass through the narrow streets shaking charity tins while people drink, cheer and generally carouse. My favourite was a 1960's style space ship with a large perspex canopy that was so well made it could probably gain an MOT certificate - attended by nubile space girls, and a giant paper mache black bull, ridden by a Spanish dancer in full costume including lace mantilla. I don't make this up - I have pictures. There was also a staggeringly funny example of human ingenuity - a large double refrigerator containing captain Birdseye - attended by a group of people dressed as fish fingers. On Saturday it's carnival night - same thing - multitudes of floats up and down narrow streets, drinkers, idiots who take small dogs into crowds etc.

The house is a mess - I'll clear it all up later, want to get through work first.

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