Thursday, 8 August 2013


As it's quiet - I managed a walk about the shops. They are all on sale, all boring, the stock is crap and there was nothing I'd consider buying. I managed 4 tubes of toothpaste, some dog bones and a selection of books from Oxfam - including a hand bound, hand written volume on the history of leather bookbinding, from Bishop Otter College - 1961. There is an elderly woman in Oxfam who talks in a low, monotone slow drawl - never stops, very, very boring to listen to. It took about 15 mins to communicate that all the old people who lost their homes in the fire last week were given £100 by M&S to buy new clothes.

In the shopping centre - a confused and angry woman was staring at the big blank wall where Dorothy Perkins used to be. I hope she didn't make a special trip.

Paid some bills, ate some lunch, realised I was totally exhausted. Far too much stuff to carry on a bike so I'm going to get the bus home.

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