Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Managed to work quite hard yesterday - but found myself too tired to cycle up the hill - annoying. Went home and watched a program about the Pyramids, and forgot about University Challenge.

Had a brief conversation with my cousin online. She was Miss Wales 1983 and went to the Miss Universe competition. Managed to source the video on YouTube. All the other girls are dolled up in exotic costumes that barely cover them - Miss USA and Miss UK look particularly frightening and like something from a ZZTop video. Poor Lise is wearing a full length Welsh Wool smock in green, white and red bands - looking like a cross between a nun and a Lidl Xmas cracker - apparently the heat caused chaos with her perm. She looks a lot younger and fresher than many of the other contestants - many of whom have that very hard, late 70's - early 80's Roxy Music styling. I had to stop watching after we got to the final 10 and she was eliminated - couldn't take any more sequins or giant choreographic displays. She still looks great now. Obviously got all the good genes. I remember her being on the telly once - I think it was Miss UK or something. She got a round of applause in our house - my parents made disparaging comments about all the other contestants. I can still remember my mother accusing one girl of having a hernia, I had to look it up.

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