Friday, 9 August 2013


No sign of the bin men yet - and I got caught in a torrential downpour whilst dog walking, the omens for today are grim.

The good news is, have discovered that the three empty units in our local shopping centre - the ones now hidden behind a giant wall - are to be turned into a big, shiny, 2 storey H&M. Regardless of your feelings about mass market fashion - and I'm not a customer myself - this is FANTASTIC news for Hastings. I've made my feelings about out-of-town shopping clear - but this will be slap bang in the middle of town, and a major draw for the centre, there are lots of students in Hastings now, and a lot of young people who would ordinarily be on the way to Eastbourne every Saturday for their clothes - the knock on effect will be immense and I'm delighted. Hopefully it will being in new businesses, better quality retail outlets, stop people shopping elsewhere and support the existing retailers. All we need now is a Primark and Hastings will be saved.

Very sad to hear that Karen Black has died. She was an exceptional actress, vivid - larger than life, almost too 'alive' for the screen. In later years she was happy to embrace the comedy and horror rolls that were inevitably offered to actresses of that period and her age - but she'll always be the face of the 70's for me. She was electric in everything she did. My personal favourite - 'Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean' - I was very young when I saw it and it was difficult to adjust to something so theatrical on the screen - but it's violent, emotional presence is still with me.

In the real world.

We still live in a country where you can go to prison for being an immature boy saying something stupid on twitter of facebook ( which is the digital equivalent of ringing the bell and running away ) but go onto the Today Program and babble mindless about BongoBongo land - probably the most racist and offensive thing I've heard on the radio in years - and just get a telling off behind the scenes - and have the Daily Mail write an article "but is he right?"

And - Happy Birthday to The Age of Uncertainty - the best blog on the blogosphere - long may it continue. It keeps me going.

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Steerforth said...

Thank you - you're very kind. Personally, I prefer Grey Area, as it's the sort of blog that I wish that I could write. I've never been the same since I discovered that my mother-in-law read my blog.

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