Wednesday, 10 July 2013


Back in the studio - just preparing myself to replace the hard drive on my MacBook. I shall treat it with all the reverence of open heart surgery - and the same level of hygiene.

Still have a phenomenally bad cold, the Sudafed I bulk bought at Xmas has come in very handy. Did quite a lot yesterday - another day at home without a computer to distract me was a novel experience, it was like being back in the '80s. I cleaned and scrubbed by bedroom, and used caustic soda to strip the floorboards. People - if you must paint your skirting boards, try not to paint white gloss on the floorboards too, as one day I may buy your house and I shall have to hunt you down and kill you.

I'm still covered in horrendous insect bites - I look like I have smallpox.

I shampoo'd the dogs yesterday, special anti-flea stuff from Bob martins. I've not seen any fleas since last year - but it's been so hot this week, I wanted to be sue. They hated it. Little mouse tolerated the suds, Alfie was very unimpressed.

On Monday morning I cycled to Bexhill, just for the exercise. Ended up buying a book on Typography from the De La Warr (nothing on show, gallery turnaround). I'm really lucky to live on the South Coast, Bexhill seemed to be half full of people who had spend a couple of hours getting there.

The new cycle chain and crash helmet seem to be a success. I tried a different route to work today, less traffic - it might be more manageable getting back up the hill, I'll know later.

Next door's cat is getting bolder, climbing on the kitchen roof and taunting the dogs. The cat's around here have no fear whatsoever.

Over the last 2 nights I've re-watched the whole of 'Smiley's People' - peerless. Really wonderful piece of work. I used my old laptop - I could have wired it into the phone system if I'd wanted to - but not being online for a couple of days has been nice.

I tried again to fix my bedroom door - it's badly warped so it won't stay closed. failed again - so I tied a piece of rope to the handle and used a hook to keep it tethered - anti-dog measures. I'll find out later if they have managed to work out how to get in there. I wouldn't put it past them.

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