Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Wednesday PM

Today was rubbish. My Macbook is dead. I replaced the hard drive, which had no effect whatsoever on the problem. The engineer came round ( he was a bit irritated that he had to miss some of the Cricket - so I put it on in the background ) and has decided it is either A, a small cable that costs about 10 quid, or B the Motherboard, which costs so much that it's  not worth trying to fix and I should just throw it away. That's a £1000 laptop, 18 months old. Fuck it.

The house has a woodworm infestation. This is actually a bit shit. I'm not happy about it at all.

Bagged up another 25 sacks of Topsoil this evening - which seems to be making very little actual difference. Still about 20 times as much to remove.

Working inhouse tomorrow under irregular circumstances. Not going int much detail. Just going to grit my teeth.

Talking of teeth - I had another dental checkup on Monday, an NHS one - he is probably worried I might sue them - and was embarrassingly 'nice' to me and insisted on doing some unnecessary Xrays.

The Moral Maze is on, panel of idiots who think they know what they are talking about but are all tossers and just enjoy the sound of their own voice.

Suzanne Moore continues a downward spiral with a bitchy, catty, shrill review of the Liz Jones book - from what I can divine, SM shared a taxi with LJ once and paid the fare - and has never forgiven her. The bitchiness and hatred that women can show towards each other depresses me. I've said before that people hate LJ because they see reflections of themselves in her. I'll say it again.

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