Thursday, 11 July 2013

Thursday - this post was sponsored by Sudafed.

Slept badly, coughing like an 80 year old. Watched a doc about the Piper Alpha disaster - not much fun. I once went out with someone who had a brother who had been badly burned on his hands and arms on the Piper Alpha. As soon as he recovered he was back on the rigs, because 'that's what you do'. At one point, a survivor being interviewed described that he would regularly see men arrive by helicopter on the rigs and then decide to get back on and return to land - and decide it was no longer a job they could do. I remember once being trapped in Aberdeen airport overnight because of a blizzard, the only thing flying was a helicopter to the rigs, despite the gale force winds and driving show - all the men got on and flew away - mind you, most appeared to have made them selves very drunk on order to do so.

Watched the apprentice last night. Really a sham of a show now. The two finalists are a rude, self absorbed, arrogant brunette woman who is totally focused on her appearance and happy to use her looks to get what she wants ( bit of a shock that she had a husband and child during the show.... ) - who wants to do something with cakes ( couldn't believe the figures she was spouting for her businesses... £40k pcm for baking lessons??? ) - and a tarty looking blonde doctor who works in ER (so, basically - just qualified) who is similarly obsessed with her appearance and wants the whole world to be cosmetically enhanced - apparently, against their will. I'm a bit confused by that one - is she looking at peoples frown lines while she tries to resuscitate them thinking 'is only you could live - I could take years off you ). I know that industry is unregulated now - but it will be fairly soon, and it's ethically so grey an area it's almost black. There were the usual camera angles of both girls legs, and thanks to their short skirts and high heels - quite a lot of them. I know their inner thighs better than I know my own. The blonde SERIOUSLY needed to brush her hair. That 'just shagged' look is wearing very thin. I don't for one moment think that the producers have not gone through the business plans from week one with a fine toothed comb, the last thing they need is to get to the final and realise that Neil Clough actually wants to be cocaine importer. The whole thing was a sham. The best part was the aftershow when the female guest practically stripped off and straddled Neil C on live TV. It's not even entertainment now - I can only blame myself for watching.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting those paintings. I am a Canadian living in England & often feel slightly annoyed when people here do not know of the Group of Seven.

Anne in Cambridge (the U.K. one)

Richard said...

Cheers Anne, they really are spectacular!

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