Monday, 1 July 2013

Monday evening

Today couldn't get much worse - I've been trying to put together a list of things I'm going to need if I have to replace the hard drive ( or full laptop ) - and it's all getting very messy. A few months ago I bought a secure password encryption app for my phone, and spent ages putting together a list of every password I need - ( because we are constantly told never to write them down ) - and keeping a list on the laptop seemed less than secure. So I wasn't that fussed when the laptop died, however - checking my phone, it seems that when I restored and backed up my IPhone a couple of weeks ago, it wiped the lot. There is another hard drive at the studio that might have an archive copy - but I'm not sure, and I'm getting really pissed off with having things in two places. I honestly have no idea what all my passwords are - my mind has gone blank - one of the problems I have with being busy all the time - I forget things - I cannot remember the passwords for my WiFi or anything. I wasted enough time dealing with the BT website - although I have been able to restore my BT Yahoo account - you can't go any further without a BT web email address, which I appear to have never had - and the website is SHIT designed by SHIT people with SHIT for brains.

I just spent £40 ordering a stockpile of special skin cream that my sister advised me to use for my miserable skin condition, it works - but it's hard to get hold of and I can't afford to run out - when I'm tired now I look 10 years older.

I checked on my insurance documents to see when they are due (October) and I found that I am insured for £65,000 - for frozen food. I don't even have a fucking freezer.

I'm going to be 47 in 2 weeks. I seem to be spending a lot of time being told what to do by 20 somethings with shit for brains.

In other news. A student I helped to return to college to complete his degree emailed to tell me that he got a first. Well, that's something.

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