Tuesday, 2 July 2013


Have managed to transfer most of my software licences to my MacAir and connect it to a large screen - so I'm 'working', but have failed to resole lots of password issues. Looks like this week is a write off - however, I'm formulating a plan to get my now bust MacBook Pro souped up and made into a server - rather than replacing or quick fixing. I'm also going to take it on the chin and use the opportunity to start from scratch with things like templates etc - most of which I've lost. I've lost a lot of Fonts and bits of paperwork too, but I can live with that, I'm just glad I'd submitted my accounts to the revenue already.

Cycled to Bexhill to see if I could buy an adaptor to make my small pump suitable for the 'Presta' style inner tubes on my bike - they didn't have one, and I was supposed to buy a new one - but the bloke showed me how adapt it manually - really quite easy. Wish I'd known that. I've also had so much bad luck recently - I decided to buy a robust cycle helmet - just to be on the safe side. I did try on several to get the right fit. The one I chose came boxed and appears to be slightly smaller than I wished, what me me having a fat head. I also managed to buy a glass lampshade - not sure how that happened, but I often make bad and random choices when my blood sugar is low.

Overheard a woman outside B&Q - "yes, she came out a week late, size of a house and tore me in two, funny thing was - we both ended up with hernias"

I double chained my bike up outside Halfords, there were two policemen chatting to two old people - the younger policeman was talking about steroids ( he's been on them since he was 9, apparently ) - when I was leaving they were still there, I must have felt self conscious, I forgot to unlock one of the cables and tried to wheel the bike away still locked to the barrier - both policemen burst out laughing at me. I looked like a total knob.

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