Monday, 1 July 2013

Monday PM.

Today started well, although - I did catch the old woman next door moaning to her gardener about my fence again. It's fine, she just likes to moan. In the time it took to close my laptop and wander down to work - it died, the hard drive appears to have 'gone'. I need a new one. This really pisses me off. I am happy to acknowledge that it's given me 14/18 hours per day of solid work for 18 months - but I can't afford £1500 for a new one, and I'm really, really pissed off. I'll have to 'borrow' a computer to work in-house - if one is available - this is not ideal. I have the little MacAir - but that's not suitable for work, and has no software installed on it. I'm pissed off. The Mac engineer might be able to look at it later in the week.

I took 3 black bags of clothes and shoes to the salvation Army shop. All decent stuff. They were a bit offhand with me, but I thought nothing of it. On the way home - I saw my Calvin Klein Crombie outside on the £1 rail. It was pretty heartbreaking. I'd rather give them to charity than do a jumble or anything, I hate the smug, gleeful look on peoples faces when they think they have pulled the wool over your eyes and found a bargain, or have beaten you down to silly money.

Today has been a total waste of time and money - and the rest of the week is looking similar.

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