Wednesday, 19 June 2013


I loathe hot, clammy, overcast weather - so today has been miserable - and I'm covered in insect bites.

I took the day off, the first part was ruined because all the broadband has been sown, OreVillage was like 28 Days later. It made me incredibly angry. There is probably a lesson in that.

Quire enjoyed cleaning up the house, washing, and throwing things away, including a box of 35m film that was at least 15 years out of date. Also threw away about 10 years of old paperwork. Bills, receipts, credit card statements etc. Quite cathartic.

I've had a couple of work projects come my way that are either impractical or not what I want to do - frustrating and annoying. Going for a drink later - will probably just talk about work. Might go to Brighton tomorrow to catch up with a client, but the weather looks stormy and - as Brighton is in the midst of a strike by the bin men, it's apparently knee deep in black bags and vermin.

Slim Whitman has died. I thought he's been dead for decades.

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