Monday, 17 June 2013


Today started badly - I was nearly killed on the Zebra crossing AGAIN by a man being given instructions in  a training vehicle - huge lorry, he saw me, slowed down to stop, and was then clearly told to speed up again by the instructor - sadly for him, his name was all over the side off the van - I gave him a call and let a message, leaving him no doubt that I thought he was a total cunt.

Paid off any remaining national Insurance - so I was momentarily solvent, then made an attempt to lower my tax bill, eventually giving up when I realised I was just making it bigger. I've filed it now with the revenue before I made thins any worse. I now have between now and the end of January to come up with, basically, shit loads of money. I am now on a budget for the rest of my life.

I'm at work, but I'm going to do some paperwork and leave early - I'm not in the mood today - filing your tax returns should be classed as a public holiday.

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