Thursday, 20 June 2013


Rain... ish.

Studio day - nothing interesting to report - had a quick meeting and am working in-house tomorrow and Monday, getting some stuff through later to start planning.

Some friends are in Italy - their first holiday in the 10 years they have been married. It's been going quite well, except for the bit where their high speed train was nearly derailed after hitting someone, and then last night they were having dinner in the restaurant as James Gandolfini's dead body was carried past. I hope things improve.

Short-ish office day - want to do a few things at home later - I just remembered I left a pile of damp washing on the dining room table.

I moved the 'yet to be installed' wood burner into the hearth last night - rather than constantly stubbing my toe on it. A two man job, I managed to complete the task without breaking my back. As I nudged it into place the cement base of the hearth gave way to reveal a void underneath. Not ideal. More costs.

I've started lying in bed at night worrying about money. Never a clever thing to do.

I've realised I only get half as many 'hit's when I don't post pictures.n I can understand that.

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