Thursday, 6 June 2013

Thursday PM

The studio was buzzing with flies - one of them fell into my tea - so I cleaned the kitchen area and took all the rubbish out - it's a lot beter now - nobody got in my way, I was a man possessed.

I went into town at lunch time - in the Oxfam, and old woman was singing along to Bolero at the top of her voice ( they have piped music in the Oxfam book shop ). There was a young man who was asking about work, he said he would drop his CV in, he was polite and friendly and carried two plastic bags from Tesco. As soon as he left, one old woman said to the other,

 "Too keen - looked to me as if he had all his worldly possessions in those bags, and I don't like the way he wears his trousers" - "I think he's been shopping" the other woman responded.

At that moment - a very made up, middle aged woman came in, wearing what may have been a nurse's uniform but was probably from a hairdressers or beauty clinic. She was one of those pathologically happy people who has to burst out laughing after every sentence, and is too friendly and familiar with people to be bearable for more than 20 mins.

"I want a book on babies names, I need it urgently" - as it happens, they actually had a large, brand new paperback about naming children. "Oh no - that's modern, I won't want that - I know what I need, something traditional - nothing that has rubbish like 'Kylie or Kim' in it". The woman who worked there insisted on having a thumb through - and it turns out that there WERE old style names, like Agnes -"Oh look - it also has a lot of international names too" said the shop assistant "Oh, no - that't won't do at all, will it - and how much is this anyway?" - it was £1.49p, which was met with shock and derision by the customer - who insisted they look for something else in the store room. People are mad.

I'm going to finish early and get an early night - not on the mood today.

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