Thursday, 6 June 2013


Working in my own studio today. Still slightly freaked by the man who set himself on fire in my living room. I'll learn to live with it.

There is an interesting article by Suzanne Moore in the Guardian about working for free in the digital / creative age - favourite fact -

 "140,000 really good middle-class employees. Instagram has 13 employees, period."

I'm getting stressed out by increasingly 'challenging' dog behaviour. Alfie Greyhound's descent into senility means he spends a lot of time wandering around the house whining because he's forgotten something - and refusing to do anything unless I've done it for him, this includes getting into his own bed, and regularly just stares at it - blankly, without any understanding - and the other dog has realised that the power shift means she can start bullying him - and is becoming increasingly destructive and cocky. I'm quite worn out with the whole thing now.

I finally received the special adaptor for my old style Apple Cinema Display - cost me £140, I picked up the display for £60 - but considering that it cost £4000 new and the colour is SPECTACULAR - I'm delighted. I'll probably bring it home to watch films and TV on.

I'm working inhouse again tomorrow - but today is a catch up - I had a letter from the electricity company ( I did say on here recently that I've not had a bill in 8 months ) - saying, 'we have been having problems billing your account - but will soon resolve this and bill you accordingly - you will still have 14 days to pay " - what THE FUCK are they on about.

Might go in early and finish early - get an early night - or buy fish and chips on the beach for supper and watch the Greepeace ship that is anchored off the beach to support our local fishermen today.

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