Friday, 7 June 2013


Busy office day - going to be full on. Up here at the top of the hill, the wind has been blowing constantly for days, howling around the house - it takes half an hour to walk down to the seafront where it seems to be about 10 degrees warmer. Wardrobe choices are always a challenge.

Last night I accidentally made a fantastic meal with just cherry tomatoes, onions, button mushrooms, new potatoes and asparagus - it tasted like something I'd paid for and was no trouble at all. I'll probably never be able to manage it again, but the memory will linger.

I watched a mid 80's Italian horror film on a movie streaming service which seemed to be the inspiration for Michael Jackson's Thriller. I actually quite enjoyed it.

Fixated already on having a quiet weekend at home - I'll autopilot through today.

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