Monday, 24 June 2013


Had a washed out weekend in every sense of the word. Felt tired and spent big chunks asleep or watching films. Only just perked up now after my museli - probably due to the high sugar content.

A few days of working inhouse - the weather is still grim - I could smell several woodburners on the early morning dog walk, it's going to be like this all week.

Going to try and squeeze a haircut in this week.

The bloke who lives in my old flat in London is being deported back to Australia - despite the fact he has lived and worked here for 10 years and his English wife is about to give birth, because he's a 'threat to national security'. He writes books about elitism and once got into trouble for spoiling a few posh boys having fun on the river. He went to prison for 6 months - Stuart Hall got 15 months for raping loads of children. Even at his trial - the judge admitted that he made a positive contribution to British life by setting up an organisation that researches and implements ways to make living in deprived city areas better. Of course - if he was a convicted terrorist or a multiple convicted rapist who had fathered a child here - he could stay.

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