Tuesday, 25 June 2013


Up very early - mostly due to having left the kitchen window open - one of the feral cats must have got into the house and the dogs had become hysterical, at 3.30am.

Interesting challenge yesterday - I have to use a photograph in a prominent print position of a man with dental 'challenges' - much debate as to whether we should 'fix' his smile - or at least give him a full set, so wrapped up in his missing tooth that I totally failed to notice he didn't have any hands. Not much I could do about that. Was still thinking about this on the way home when I crossed the path of a young man who had half his head missing - must have been in a fairly traumatic accident as a child - and this morning, was greeted on Barley Lane during the early dog walk by a neatly divided rabbit - just the back half. Perhaps the foxes have started using knives.

Don't feel too optimistic about today, have already made a pot of coffee without any coffee in it.

The writer Richard Matheson had died.Among other things - he penned 'I Am Legend' - which has already been filmed three time ( twice with moderate success, once with a multi-million pound abortion as a star vehicle for that prick, Will Smith. He was a brilliant writer and also crafted some exceptional screenplays - highly influential, often imitated, never bettered.

Still feeling washed out, not as cold as yesterday ( it was big-jumper-weather) but not exactly seasonal either. Depressing to think that the days are getting shorter already.

My hair has started to thin significantly on top. I might as well just give up now.

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